Corrective Concrete

Cemplex Group represents some of the leading manufacturer’s and technologies available in the engineered cement product line. These products are particularly engineered for the building professional that needs high PSI, fast drying and setting times along with smooth flat floors. Cemplex offers a range of polymer- modified, Calcium Aluminate, fast setting and self leveling Products. These products are available from 3,500 PSI to 5,500 PSI as tested by the ASTM-C-109 test method. Our products are typically found to be compatible with most adhesive and floor covering manufacturer’s but you will need to get their technical departments to address the compatibility of their products with our systems. If you do not need the Calcium Aluminate technology we have several value oriented hybrid products that utilize the ASTM-C-109 test method for Portland based products that meet 3,500 to 4,500 PSI thresholds. Lastly, if you need PSI above 7,000 with unique chemical resistance and thermo shock properties we have those as well.

Portland Based Self Levelers

Calcium Aluminate Fast Setting Underlayments

Hybrid Cement Underlayments

Urethane Specialty Finishes

Geo grouting

Light weight cellular concrete and roof decks

Urethane Mortars

Urethane Cements