Sound Control

Cemplex Group has over 30 years experience in the wood frame multi family marketplace. The end users and designers are using a large range of floor coverings; Vinyl Plank Flooring, floating Floors, Wide format ceramic tile just to name a few. In todays competitive real estate market sound transfer has become a big part of keeping the tenants in place. Cemplex has worked with some of the largest real-estate developers and general contractors to develop a flooring system that minimizes sound transfer as measured by the IIC and STC standard protocol test methods. The “rigid platform” premium system we represent allows us to achieve maximum sound reduction while allowing for the smooth surface demanded by the large Format tiles and plank floors found in today’s high end projects. If you are a professional developer, real-estate trust or general contractor you should contact us for the latest developments in “rigid platform” and Monofilament sound control systems.