Job 4 – Atlanta, GA

Role Description –

The Software Developer at Peekapak is responsible for understanding the over-arching learning objectives in the materials developed by Peekapak, as well as the sub-goals embedded in individual learning units, and incorporating them into their software designs. They will collaborate with stakeholders to author requirements “stories”, provide feasibility analysis and effort estimates and project manage their own tasks within a team that utilizes “agile” software development methodologies.

Their work will be supervised by more experienced game designers and developers, but we nonetheless expect a high degree of involvement and responsibility from the Game Designer co-op student; they will be doing work that has a direct impact on the company and customers.

Project Description

Implement feature enhancements to the Peekapak teacher platform, including:

  • Designing and implementing a guided user experience to convert more free and trial users to paid subscribers
  • Creating a user-friendly search module for locating relevant articles and other resources on social-emotional learning and help on implementing the curriculum, within the Peekapak site
  • Implementing ongoing enhancements and bug fixes to make the platform easier to use with the aim of making the user experience a delightful one

Minimum Qualifications

Formal training in software design and development either from a recognized College or University program

Area of Study

Computer science, engineering or math at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Technical Skills


  • Experience in Javascript and web and/or mobile development
  • Experience using build tools
  • Experience with traditional SQL-¬based relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Exposture to NoSQL databases
  • AWS or other cloud compute platform experience is an asset
  • Proficiency in Java or other object-oriented language is an asset


Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail and a passion for quality
  • Flexible and collaborative nature
  • Self-directed and focused
  • Excellent communicator and a creative problem solver

Position Start Date: September 2018
Position End Date: December 2018

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