Save Money. Save Time.
Protects Structures/Workers:
It’s time to rethink your job sequencing to maximize benefits with gypsum before drywall.

Save Time
Save Money
Protect Structures
Protect Workers

Zero Leaks. Zero Failures. Zero Callbacks.

Leak-free exterior waterproofing systems. Most reliable, effective, and consistent wood-framed waterproofing system available.


Fire Resistant. Non-Shrinking.
Fast Installation.

Our underlayments provide top-tier sound reduction, a fire break, and a smooth surface ready to receive the installation of new flooring surfaces.


Always Level. Precise Detail.
Optimized Solutions.

Cemplex has the experience to handle any job for tricky floor leveling using HydroPhase levelers and engineered solutions customized to your needs.

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Premier installer of gypsum underlayments, sound control and elevated waterproofing systems.

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Engineered Cements
Made Simple

Renovation, reconfigurations or new construction, the Cemplex Group has done them all safely, on time, and within budget. Cemplex has over 30 years experience supplying and installing quality products to some of the largest General Contractors and end users in the construction field. If you are interested in pre-qualification informational packets, or assistance in the estimating process for your design-build project, contact Cemplex Group today.

Cemplex Group Specializes in:

Gypsum Concrete

Frequently used for its fire resistive properties, gypsum concrete is a staple in multi-family construction projects and is frequently referred to as gyp crete. Cemplex Group is geared up and ready to assist you with your next gypsum concrete (gypcrete) project.

Sound Control

Sound transmission between living units is a common cause of lessee dissatisfaction and turnover. Sound control technologies installed by Cemplex Group can improve sound transmission between units and increase livability standards for residents.

Self-Leveling Underlayments​

Given the widespread installation of luxury vinyl planks and large format ceramic tiles, self leveling underlayments have become essential. Many of these floor covering manufacturers require a high degree of flatness to be achieved within the subfloor before their sheet goods are installed. Cemplex has the tools and knowledge to level your projects.

Balcony Waterproofing Systems​

Water intrusion is serious and is costly in several ways, but we have the answer. Ask us for our detailed drawings to ensure that your project’s balcony design is the best it can be.

Elevated Concrete

Elevated Concrete is often found on balconies and in interior common hallways and breezeways in multi-family construction projects.
Cemplex Group

Cemplex Group is the premier installer of gypsum underlayments, sound control, and elevated waterproofing systems. The Cemplex Group’s® expanding network includes six operations spread across Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. These operations have the capacity to service a large regional footprint in the surrounding states to offer balcony waterproofing, gypsum underlayment, sound control, corrective concrete, and leveling services. Our attention to detail and commitment to operational improvement ensures consistent quality throughout our operational network. We assure clients that our experienced team members are prepared to meet the challenges of any job.

Formulated Materials

Formulated Materials® is a leading manufacturer of gypsum cement, sound attenuating mats, and innovative waterproofing solutions for the North American market. The company’s product brands, including TreadstoneHydroPhase, and Elevation, are considered by many to be the most popular and trusted by industry professionals for fireproofing, soundproofing, and waterproofing commercial and multi-family construction. Formulated Materials® continually raises the standards for the multi-family construction industry through its commitment to innovation, performance, and exceptional customer service.