Gypsum Concrete

Efficient Pumping

The ability to pump as much as 40,000 sq ft of gypsum concrete underlayment a day.

Cleaner Job Sites

Cleaner job sites with 97% fewer dust creating events.

Batch Analysis

Analysis and reporting of every ingredient of every batch we pour.

A Complete Gypsum Concrete System, Installed By The Best Team Available

Correctly installed, gypsum concrete underlays provide sound-reduction, a fire break, and a smooth surface ready to receive the installation of new flooring surfaces. While these qualities have made gypsum the underlayment of choice among the building community, gypsum has also been perceived as a soft, chalky surface that wears down down quickly. Gypsum underlayment has also been perceived as time-consuming and messy to install, resulting in long periods of downtime on your jobsite.

Cemplex Gypsum Pump

The Perfect Mixing Ratio:
Smart Batch Pump Technology

As the premier substrate and underlayment group in America, Cemplex Group has never stopped looking for better solutions. We have found one in the Smart Batch pump available at every Cemplex Group operation. This machine precisely measures every ingredient of every batch of gypsum concrete underlayment installed and delivers the data in real time. Whether you need a standard gypsum underlayment or more advanced, engineered solutions, our technology ensures a perfect mixing ratio of every ounce poured into your project. Smart Batch machines also utilize a super sack system, allowing us to reduce dust events by 97% and install faster. A single crew can deliver as much as 40,000 sq ft of gypsum underlayment in a day, making it much easier to schedule your other trades.

The Cemplex Group® is a Formulated Materials® Premier Dealer, and pours Treadstone® on every project. Treadstone® Fire Rated Underlayments are designed with proprietary formulations that maintain the desired fire-resistive, non-shrinking, fast cure qualities of gypsum underlays, while adding enhanced cementitious properties of high flow, high strength, and abrasion resistance, thus eliminating the negative connotation of “soft, chalky” associated with gypsum products of the past.