Balcony Waterproofing

Flood-Tested Balconies

We're confident in our balcony waterproofing, so we flood-test every one.

Advanced Waterproofing

The most advanced waterproofing system available, period.

Complete Protection

A complete system with the industry's best warranty.

Waterproofing Service Overview

Water infiltration is one of the most damaging and costly problems facing the construction industry. Litigation and remediation are tremendously expensive in terms of time and effort for everyone in involved. The Cemplex Group’s® commitment to continuous improvement led us to find a better solution than the industry offered.  This is why every Cemplex Group operation proudly installs Elevation® from Formulated Materials®, the first complete elevated balcony and breezeway waterproofing system. From patented termination pockets to complete component and installation methodology, Elevation® is becoming the new standard for elevated waterproofing. As a Premier Licensed Dealer of Elevation® waterproofing systems, each one of our waterproofing crews is factory trained to provide installations to exacting manufacturer standards.

Cemplex Waterproofing
Cemplex Waterproofing

Waterproofing to the highest standards

The Cemplex Group® adheres to installation guidelines that allow us to exceed performance expectations. Our installers are well-trained and understand the process and application of balcony waterproofing from start to finish. Balconies, breezeways and walkways all receive the same attention to detail from our waterproofing crews.

Industry Leading Warranty

Our adherence to these guidelines allows us to provide our customers with the best manufacturer’s warranty available in the industry: An unmatched 10-year system warranty that keeps you covered longer than our competitors. Elevation® Exterior Waterproofing Systems from Formulated Materials® represent the cutting edge of waterproofing technology. We have yet to meet a waterproofing consultant that doesn’t believe in the system.