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Balconies That Don't Leak
Floors That Don't Fail

Polymer-modified cements, poured underlayments, sound control technologies, balcony waterproofing, and cellular concrete are all core products and systems that we understand well. From technical expertise used for product recommendation to installation know-how, Cemplex provides value to its customer base by making these seemingly complex systems simple.

Some projects require a special, engineered cement for the application.​

Whether you need a higher PSI, a true self-leveling application, or corrective concrete, The Cemplex Group® has experience building solutions in almost every environment imaginable. Just as in our gypsum underlayment installations, we can provide accurate, precise measurements of every ingredient of every batch to ensure consistent quality and performance. Should your project have special considerations, contact a Cemplex Group representative today and let us build a solution specifically for you.

Cemplex Group

Gypsum Underlayments

Not all gypsum floors are created equal. Soft, chalky floors are a major problem in the multifamily industry that has given gypsum underlayments a well-deserved poor reputation. Cemplex Group is committed to changing the game by putting quality first and by using the industry's best products. The Cemplex Group® is proud to be the largest gypsum underlayment contractor in North America, and with our size comes the experience to deliver smooth, flat floors that are properly mixed and finished by the industry's most knowledgeable professionals.

Sound Control

Understanding noise control in floor ceiling assemblies is complicated, and making noise control a priority on a project is a true commitment. The rush to offer solutions has blurred the marketplace with a mix of products and systems that may not be right for the owner’s goals. Let The Cemplex Group® work with your project team to ensure that the correct system is specified to provide your project with the right mix of performance, durability, and cost.

Balcony Waterproofing and Concrete

Water intrusion is serious…. And we have the answer. Ask us for our detailed drawings to ensure that your project’s balcony design is the best it can be, and be sure to include our patent pending “Cemplex Pockets” to funnel water away from your building after it leaves the balcony.

Elevated Concrete

Cemplex Group is an expert in all things Elevated Concrete. Elevated Concrete is often found on balconies and in interior common hallways and breezeways in multi-family construction projects. Cemplex handles elevated concrete every day and we have gotten very good at conveying and placing the concrete exactly where it is needed. Our finishers understand the challenges and offer a variety of finishes depending on the location and design specification.

Self Leveling Underlayments and Concrete Repair

Shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and commercial towers each present their own sets of scheduling and and technical challenges. Cemplex Group offers industry leading solutions and the fastest installation techniques in the business. Our high volume mixing equipment offers both precision and high speed of production. And now manufacturers are recognizing this excellence by partnering with us to offer 15 year turn-key warranties that are unmatched in the industry.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Mixing

Cemplex Group Operates the largest fleet of SmartBatch Systems® GC1 pumps in the Nation. These mobile units measure every ingredient of every batch to ensure delivery of a very consistent and accurate mix on the project site. Each batch is recorded so we know exactly what when in and how long it was mixed for. SmartBatch will mix and pump up to 40,000 sqft per day and keep your project sequence moving in the right direction.
Pre-Mobilization Checklists On Every Job
Every Foreman OSHA 10 Certified
Enrolled In E-Verify
A Solution Engineered For Every Application

Multi-Family Construction​

Broad family of systems that make buildings safe from fire, quieter, more waterproof, and free from failures and litigation that plagues the multifamily construction industry.

Residential High-Rises

Sound control, floor levelers, and waterproofing solutions perfect for specific needs of high-rise residential living.


Levelers, moisture mitigation, and sound dampening products that are built to withstand the demands of Commercial Construction Projects.

Cemplex Group

Minimizing Issues and Maximizing Results:
The Cemplex Group’s® Approach to Construction

We have extensive experience working in traditional wood frame multi-family, steel and concrete high-density urban living, and precast and cast-in-place construction, as well as specific applications in residential homes and other specialty cement applications. On every job and in every environment we are committed to the success of our customers. You will notice the difference immediately in the level of communication and preparation on our part to ensure that your job is delivered on time and to spec.

At The Cemplex Group® we understand that no job site is perfect and it is our goal to work with you to minimize issues that can arise and address them quickly when they do. We understand how important your schedule is and that underlayment application requires pre-planning to ensure a smooth operation. To that end, we deliver and confirm pre-construction and pre-mobilization checklists to your team before we arrive to ensure no time is wasted on the day we arrive to perform our scheduled work.