The Cemplex Group provides:

  • Multi-Family/Elevated Deck Waterproofing
  • Balcony Surfacing
  • Sound Control
  • Fire-Rated Gypsum Underlayments
  • Floor Levelling & Corrective Concrete
  • Moisture Remediation

We have extensive experience working in traditional wood frame multi-family, steel and concrete high-density urban living, and precast and cast-in-place construction, as well as specific applications in residential homes and other specialty cement applications. On every job and in every environment we are committed to the success of our customers. You will notice the difference immediately in the level of communication and preparation on our part to ensure that your job is delivered on time and to spec.

At The Cemplex Group we understand that no job site is perfect and it is our goal to work with you to minimize issues that can arise and address them quickly when they do. We understand how important your schedule is and that underlayment application requires pre-planning to ensure a smooth operation. To that end, we deliver and confirm pre-construction and pre-mobilization checklists to your team before we arrive to ensure no time is wasted on the day we arrive to perform our scheduled work.

Pre-Mobilization Checklists On Every Job
Every Foreman OSHA 10 Certified
Enrolled In E-Verify
A Solution Engineered For Every Application

Gypsum Underlayment


Sound Control

Floor Leveling

Some projects require a special, engineered cement for the application.

Whether you need a higher PSI, a true self-leveling application, or corrective concrete, The Cemplex Group has experience building solutions in almost every environment imaginable. Just as in our gypsum underlayment installations, we can provide accurate, precise measurements of every ingredient of every batch to ensure consistent quality and performance. Should your project have special considerations, contact a Cemplex Group representative today and let us build a solution specifically for you.
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