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Elevated Concrete Service Overview

Cemplex Group is an expert in all things elevated concrete. Elevated concrete is often found on balconies and in interior common hallways and breezeways in multi-family construction projects. It’s just like regular concrete except it is off the ground, usually in or on a building. Cemplex handles elevated concrete every day and we’ve become experts at conveying and placing the concrete exactly where it is needed. Our finishers understand the challenges and offer a variety of finishes depending on the location and design specification. Additionally, we can install ADA certified ramps in our concrete to ensure code compliance as we have extensive experience in this specialty.

Cemplex Elevated Concrete

Wet Area Elevated Concrete

For areas that can be exposed to rain and other sources of water like pressure washing, this solution is very effective and necessary for protection of the structure. Wet areas are first waterproofed with industry leading Elevation® waterproofing solutions. These waterproofed areas are always flood tested to ensure there will be no leaks. Every waterproofed area is tested and drained before concrete is installed to ensure there are no surprises later that could result in property damage or resident disruption.

Concrete Coatings

Coating varieties are as numerous as the locations that concrete is installed in. Cemplex installers are experts at applying these coatings. No matter what coating is specified, we can apply it. Whether it is a non-slip traffic coating, an acid-based stain or simply a water-based stain blocker, Cemplex Group has the knowledge and experience to apply your coating of choice.