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Elevated Waterproofing and Underlayment Solutions

The Cemplex Group® is a leading installer of gypsum underlayments, sound control, and elevated waterproofing systems. We have established our expanding network across six operations across Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. As a group of contractors unified by common goals and values, our network can service a vast regional footprint in the surrounding states, enabling us to offer balcony waterproofing, gypsum underlayment, sound control, corrective concrete, and leveling services. 

At Cemplex Group, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to operational improvement, ensuring consistent quality throughout our operational network. We guarantee our clients that our experienced team members are always prepared to meet the challenges of any job. We relentlessly pursue our mission of providing balconies that don’t leak and floors that don’t fail. Everything we do, from selecting the systems we install to the completion and delivery of the project, has been scrutinized carefully to yield the best possible results for our customers. Today we are proud of the systems we use, the technology we have deployed, and the training we deliver.

Cemplex Group
Cemplex Group

The Cemplex Group's® Commitment to ICOMPEL Values

The Cemplex Group® is America’s largest substrate, underlayment, and balcony waterproofing group, giving us the experience, knowledge, and customer support to provide the best solution for floor leveling in new construction and rehabilitating older buildings. We don’t just pay lip service to this statement; we passionately pursue it as our highest goal. Our growth has been built on a commitment to three principles: Innovation, Quality, and Value. This commitment to our clients and customers to constantly innovate has led us to look for ways to improve our methods, solutions, and team members. We focus on quality and assure all of our products with industry-leading warranties. Cemplex Group is trusted by the largest contractors and developers in the multi-family industry with their projects and schedules because we bring value that can be measured, tested, and confirmed.

As part of the Compellier family of companies, Cemplex Group adheres to the same set of core values that guide all Compellier companies. These values spell our acronym known as ICOMPEL (Integrity, Commitment, Opportunity to Succeed, Master your Craft, Protect, Everyone, and Love.) At Cemplex Group, we believe our ICOMPEL values are the foundation for all internal interactions and how we conduct business. We compel ourselves and others to adhere to our core values. We hire people who aspire to act within our values, we coach toward these behaviors, and we believe that acting in this way will lead to our success as individuals and as a company. Defining values is important to us, and when they are consistently applied, they become authentic and are the soul of our company. Through the decisions made by our team members who create the Compellier family, we’ve enshrined our values in our daily decision-making process to produce the best possible result.

Precision in every batch with Smart Batch Systems

Cemplex Group has never stopped looking for better solutions, which is why our products and services are innovative and advanced for this industry. Smart Batch Systems® is batch mixing machine that precisely measures every ingredient in every batch of gypsum underlayment installed and delivers the data in real-time.

Whether you need a standard gypsum underlayment or more advanced, engineered solutions, our technology ensures a perfect mixing ratio of every ounce poured into your project. Our Cemplex locations are equipped with one of these systems to ensure all our products and services are crafted to exact specifications. Cemplex constantly improves as companies diversify with products, adapt to new technology, and partner with opportunists. Our company has also enhanced our operation model to meet our customer’s needs and the industry’s demands.

All of our contractors are factory-trained by the manufacturers of all the products we install to ensure our installs run efficiently and properly. We have extensive experience working in traditional wood-frame, multi-family, steel, and concrete high-density urban living, precast and cast-in-place construction; as well as specific applications in residential homes and other specialty cement applications.

On every job and in every environment, we are committed to the success of our customers. You will notice the difference immediately in our level of communication and preparation to ensure that your job is delivered on time and to spec. The Cemplex Group® adheres to installation guidelines that allow us to exceed performance expectations. Our installers are well-trained and understand the process and application of balcony waterproofing from start to finish. 

Elevation® Exterior Waterproofing Systems from Formulated Materials® represents the cutting edge of waterproofing technology. We have yet to meet a waterproofing consultant that doesn’t believe in the system. Balconies, breezeways, and walkways receive the same attention to detail from our waterproofing crews. Our adherence to these guidelines allows us to provide our customers with the best manufacturer’s warranty available in the industry: An unmatched 10-year system warranty that keeps you covered longer than our competitors. 

A Cemplex crew and their smart batch pump arriving to work