About Us

In 2012, a loose collective of regional waterproofing and gypsum underlayment contractors throughout the south came together to form a group united by a common goal and vision: 

To improve the quality and reliability of the products they were installing and the installation processes currently used in the industry. 

Under the leadership of a new team and with the vast experience of the existing local managers and field teams, The Cemplex Group began to scrutinize every product, every job, and most importantly, the countless number of failures in our industry.

On every project, The Cemplex Group would encounter varying methods and waterproofing details, and there seemed to be no right way of getting the job done without some degree of risk.  We began to pioneer a standardized methodology that would address the vast majority of balcony waterproofing conditions, and began to train field teams on a reproducible method that eliminated opportunities for systematic errors that would result in large claims.

Investing in Automation

Gypsum floors had their own issues, and were regarded as a necessary evil for their performance as a part of a fire resistive floor-ceiling assembly. Unfortunately, they were soft, chalky surfaces that wore down quickly, requiring regular maintenance and repair. GCs and architects were looking for solutions and the industry seemed unable to provide them. The Cemplex Group invested in automation technologies to speed production and deliver repeatable quality control that could be documented. Our methods have not only improved quality and productivity, but we now operate more safely by converting to bulk packaging technology and eliminating waste.

The Cemplex Group has operated under one single guiding purpose.

“Balconies that Don’t Leak, and Floors that Don’t Fail” has become our mantra.  Everything we do, from selecting the systems we install to completion and delivery of the project has been scrutinized carefully to yield the best possible results for our customers.  Today we are proud of the systems we use, the technology we have deployed, and the training that we deliver.  Let us show you the difference that we can make on your upcoming project!