Floor Leveling​

Every commercial renovation project that requires floor leveling presents unique challenges, such as critical heights at stairs and elevators, unique floor coverings, and an endless array of substrate problems.  What should be simple can become very complicated, and floor failures are not an option.  The Cemplex Group has the experience, knowledge and manufacturer support to provide the best solution for floor leveling in rehabilitation of older buildings and in new construction.
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Floor Leveling

While not every floor can be brought to perfectly level, using TREADSTONE™ Sitemix products will allow your Cemplex Group representative to build a plan for your needs. When possible, we can supply you with a dead-flat laser leveled floor or we can provide floor surface correction in a variety of methods to ensure you have the best floor leveling solution possible for your application. From meeting critical elevations to simply providing a fresh, new smooth floor that is ready for flooring with no additional floor prep, The Cemplex Group has successfully completed projects just like yours. Contact your Cemplex Group representative today to schedule a floor leveling consultation with a member of our team, you’ll be guaranteed honest answers and the best solution available!

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Floor Leveling