Top 10 reasons to choose HydroPhase® for self-leveling

Cementitious levelers have been around for decades. In general terms, cementitious levelers are considered a flowable cement that, with a little help from an installer, will self-level in just a few minutes.

Levelers have been formulated to cure to a smooth flat surface that is ready to accept the finished flooring surface. The smooth hard surface that forms on the top tells very little about what is going on underneath. 

HydroPhase P150 over concrete substrate
HydroPhase P150 being installed in a commercial application over a concrete substrate.

Flowable cements are known in the industry as Self Leveling Underlayments (SLU’s). For decades, these cements have been formulated with Portland and calcium aluminate cements that shrink as they cure. This need to shrink makes it hard for these traditional levelers to stay stuck to the floor that they were poured onto. To hold these levelers flat to the floor, manufacturers have recommended surface abrasion and lath to give these traditional levelers the “tooth” that they need to hold flat to the floor. If contractors follow the instructions, these levelers work well and are serviceable for years to come.

Formulated Materials decided it was time to solve the longstanding problem of SLU shrinkage by developing HydroPhase®.

HydroPhase® is a non-shrinking all purpose leveler that is suitable in residential and commercial leveling applications. Machine scarification of concrete and lath application to plywood is a thing of the past. Most installations now require a sweep and a roll on of primer ahead of the HydroPhase® application. HydroPhase® can be applied from 1/8” to 1 1/2” and reaches a cured hardness of 4,500 PSI in 28 days. 

Formulated Materials created HydroPhase® to solve industry challenges and save measurable time and money by eliminating preparation steps required by traditional levelers.

Below are the Top 10 Reasons that HydroPhase® is coming to a project near you soon!

Top 10 Reasons

1.  No Shot blasting or mechanical surface abrasion required
2.  Crack Resistant formula minimizes cracks
3.  Excellent workability and flow
4.  Strong — 4,500PSI @28 days
5.  Flexible — Pour from 1/8″ – 1 ½” in a single lift
6.  Can be over 24″ truss designs
7.Available in Concentrate to reduce shipping costs
8.  Ready for foot traffic in 4-hours
9.  Abrasion resistant to hold up to trade traffic
10.  Low Prep — Sweep, Prime, Pour